Or, Why You Need Professional Design

Ever wondered why some companies spend a lot of time, effort and money on brand designers, UX/UI designers and on designers who handle all the marketing stuff? Basically, they put in a lot of their hard-earned money into different categories of designers alone.

Why is that?

Design matters a lot in how a brand can influence its target audience. Its impact is so strong that it has the ability to make or mar a business. So, it is these brands that understand the value of design in the journey of a business that make the frontline. And the rest? …

On How to Attract More Customers

Last time, we had shared 5 tips for designing mobile applications that are bound to attract customers. And we had promised to come back with 5 more tips. So, here we are, with 5 more tricks to gain your customers’ attention and trust.

Without wasting any more of your precious time, let’s get started!

On How to Attract More Customers

5 tips for mobile app design to attract more customers
5 tips for mobile app design to attract more customers

With everything going mobile — from reading books to buying groceries to finding a life partner — it is evident that mobile design is part of the big party headed for the future. So, it is necessary for creators and businesses alike that they know the tricks to make their products appealing. And ‘appealing’ here does not simply refer to looks or offers. It is the complete user experience that will determine whether your customer’s relationship with your application is a fling or for the long run.

We have listed down 10 tips to help you make your mobile app…

Or, How to Nail that thing called Digital Marketing

Why we all need design-led content marketing banner image
Why we all need design-led content marketing banner image

Ever since marketing has become a buzzword and a key to getting many customers, human psychology has been dissected and carefully laid out so as to understand how brands can hook onto its no-longer-complex behaviour. As such, certain things, like how visuals can attract people and get stamped into memories more than what texts alone can do, is no longer something to gasp at.

A study in 2019 by Neilsen and Taboola highlighted that the human attention span has dropped from 12 seconds to 8 seconds.

While 4 seconds might sound pretty insignificant, if we try to recall how many…

Or, How to Get More Leads

Landing pages have been a hit since long. Whether a new product is launched or a specific service or product needs to be in focus, a landing page always brings in the right set of traffic.

Unfortunately a landing page is often confused with the homepage of a website. This can happen with a business owner who is totally naive about the design industry or even with a designer who is completely new in the field or doesn’t have enough knowledge about the industry.

To clear all the smog away and to hone the knowledge of both newbie designers and…

Neumorphism idea with geometric shapes
Neumorphism idea with geometric shapes

It all started with skeuomorphism, when designers tried to fill the digital interface with elements resembling the real world. It was a big hit.

Then flat design came into the market, and people went ga-ga over it. Google produced its own set of guidelines for using flat designs.

But the human mind gets bored quickly. It always demands something new. So, now they brought in flat design with a twist. We call this modern Material design. Designers introduced subtle gradients and shadows in flat design, and started creating something new. Elements started floating on the background.

Modern Material design is…

On how you should design, not what you should design

10 UI UX trends in 2020
10 UI UX trends in 2020

It’s the new year, and time for another list of design trends! Tbh, design trends hardly see a drastic change with the onset of a new calendar year. It’s more like a smooth gradient; trends change gradually over the years. Drop a few years in the timeline, and then take a look at design styles. It is now that you will notice a stark difference.

With the onset of 2020 the internet is already flooded with articles on new design trends in UI/UX. …

Connecting with Your Audience Through Illustrations

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What is the one thing that you would seek when you visit a website, in terms of experience that is?

Let me name a few for you.

  • Easy navigation
  • Easily comprehensible content
  • Quick loading
  • Easy checkout, if it’s a store

Did I miss anything? Probably. Anyway, there’s one thing without which the whole experience would be a boring affair.

Emotional connection a.k.a. Human Touch.

Agree? Almost no one likes to interact with machines unless they have some wit programmed into them. Adding a human touch to the website helps users to connect better with…

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So, in my last post, I had laid out two suggestions — no, three, since the colour contrast one was a bonus tip — for designing web accessible designs. Here I’m going to continue (and conclude) the chapter by chalking out three more ideas on the topic.

Quickly summarizing, I had previously discussed how we can make good use of typography, colour contrast and images to provide better user experience for people with visibility issues, cognitive difficulties, colourblindness and educational barrier.

Unlike the last article, I’m not doing a proper recap here because this…

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As promised in my last post, here I shall be elaborating two out of five suggestions that will help us design better, that is, design better interfaces for all people irrespective of age, gender, location, educational qualification, disability etc. We call these web accessible designs.

Let’s do a quick recap:

Web accessible designs are meant to offer better usability for people of all demographics. There are over 60 guidelines for creating accessible designs. Basically, designs that follow these guidelines can solve problems that people face while interacting with a website or mobile application. …

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